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Fun Spot America - Orlando-2 (1).heic
Fun Spot America - Orlando-2 (1).heic

What is our Sponsorship Agreement?

We creating captivating episodes that document our travels and experiences at your park. These episodes will provide an opportunity for exposure and engagement with our audience beyond the initial paid partnership.


As part of this collaboration, we would feature your park prominently in episodes of our TV show "Drive Ride Repeat." The show follows two friends as they travel across the country, exploring various amusement parks and attractions. By showcasing your park in the show, we can further enhance its visibility and generate interest among our audience.


Additionally, we create an another show called "Soaring Thunder," which offers a behind-the scenes look at the making of your parks' marketing content. This high-paced and light-hearted show captures the process and challenges involved in creating the park's commercials. By showcasing the dedication, creativity, and teamwork behind the scenes, "Soaring Thunder" will provide an entertaining and informative perspective on the marketing efforts of your park.


Through the inclusion of both "Drive Ride Repeat" and "Soaring Thunder," we can offer a comprehensive and engaging content experience for our audience. "Drive Ride Repeat" will showcase the exciting adventures at your park, while "Soaring Thunder" will provide a unique glimpse into the production process, creating a well-rounded and immersive narrative that highlights the park's attractions and marketing efforts. By featuring your park prominently in both shows, we can maximize exposure and generate a strong interest among our audience. This collaborative approach will not only increase awareness and engagement but also establish your park as a must-visit destination for amusement park enthusiasts. 


Sponsorship Inclusions:


• Paid Partnership Promotions on All Social Media Platforms : We will actively promote the paid partnership content produced at your park across our social media channels, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook

• CT and Your Parks Brand Collaboration

• Merchandise Collaboration: We propose cross-promoting your parks merchandise on our social media channels, showcasing the items and encouraging our followers to explore and purchase them.

• Special Event Ticket Profit Share : As our influence grows, we plan to sell ticket packages to guests, providing VIP ride access with Coasting Thunder. This endeavor includes meet and greet opportunities, merchandise giveaways, and scheduled rides based on Your Parks availability. By helping us build our audience, Your Park contributes to attracting more visitors to their park.


Benefits of the Partnership:

• Increased Exposure and Reach: Coasting Thunder boasts a substantial online following with [insert number of subscribers/followers]. Through our social media platforms and the TV show "Drive Ride Repeat," we have the ability to promote your park to a wide audience, attracting attention from potential visitors across the country.

• Engagement and Influence: Our content has a strong engagement rate, with an average of [insert engagement rate] on our social media posts. This indicates an active and responsive audience that actively interacts with our content, providing an excellent opportunity to showcase and promote your park to our highly engaged followers.

• Monetization Potential: Social media platforms offer various monetization opportunities, including brand partnerships, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing. By featuring your park prominently in our content, we can leverage these opportunities to generate revenue streams, creating a mutually beneficial relationship where the partnership contributes to the financial success of both Coasting Thunder and your park.

• Trackable Metrics and Analytics: We utilize advanced analytics tools to track and analyze the performance of our content. This includes monitoring reach, impressions, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. These metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of our content and the impact of the partnership, allowing us to continually optimize our strategies for maximum results.

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Paid Partnership 

We create captivating videos showcasing the thrilling attractions and experiences of travel destinations The video will provide an overall view of the park, including its water slides, pools, and entertainment offerings. To capture dynamic shots, we plan to employ a mix of FPV Drones, Gimbals, and ROVs. The shoot will be condensed into a comprehensive one-day production, ensuring efficient use of time without compromising on quality. The resulting video will be two to three minutes long, with additional versions available, such as a 30-second cut, 60-second cut, and a more extensive 3-5 minute master edit.

Content Offerings (Paid Partnership):

• A captivating two to three-minute video showcasing the highlights of your park, capturing the excitement and unique experiences of the park.

• Additional versions of the video, including a 30-second cut and a 60-second cut, suitable for promotional purposes on various platforms.

• A comprehensive 3-5 minute master edit, encompassing the best moments and features of your park in an engaging and immersive format. 

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