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Showing you America one ride at a time.


We are a collection of filmmakers that travel the US to find the best travel destinations it has to offer, from the largest amusement parks to the smallest road side attractions, we want to see it all and we want to show it all to you. Contact us today on how we can help you market your location!

On the road with coasting thunder season 1
Giving Back
Outlaw Run Silver Dollar City

Why you can trust us!

We're weathered. 

We know what it's like to travel cross country at all hours of the night just to get to the next location. Our mission is to shoot across the United States searching for our next batch of content. 

Our tea is use to working in dangerous and very stressful environments any hour of the day. We've been on top of roller coasters, inside penguin tanks, in cars capturing buffalos with our FPV drones while Elk of bugling. We've flown over shark tanks, in front of thousands of people and we know what it feels like to be trusted fully with the largest Pyramid in the United States. 

We've been placing ourselves as a team in very stressful and unique situations to prepare us for working for you!

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