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What's in our bag?

Red Komodo Camera Package

Sony FX6 Camera Package

Sony a7siii 

Go Pro Hero 10 x 4

DJI Ronin x 2

Astor Arm - Camera Car

Movi XL

The Black Arm

 DJI Mavic Cine 3 - Drone Package

FPV CineWhoop

DZO Pictor Zooms 20mm - 55mm - PL/EF Mount

DZO Pictor Zooms 50mm - 125mm - PL/EF Mount

Sony FE 16-35mm GMaster

Sony FE 24-70mm GMaster

Nila Boxers x 2

Razr MC Panel

Lite Panel - Astras x 4


Kino Flow 2' 4 Bank

Kino Flow 4' 4 Bank

Aputure 600d - Bi Color

Aputure 600d - Daylight

Aputure Nova P600C

Aputure Accent B7C Light Kit

Mercedes Sprinter Package

Light Stands

4 x 4 Floppy






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